Thursday, 6 April 2017

Working on SEO Fundamentals Is the Key to Thrive In the Age of RankBrain

There have been a lot of evolutionary changes which have made search engines more advanced than ever. But, the experts believe that fundamentals still hold significant value when it comes to effective SEO. Without correcting the fundamentals, it still remains very difficult to get the website ride on the higher ranks, even if you are working on advanced technologies to make the website look and function well.

The number of ranking signals has grown exponentially. Hence, the number of tasks in order to improve the rank has also grown accordingly. While some companies may have budget to get everything done in the to-do-list that comes out of a SEO audit, doing is can turn out to be the sheer waste of time and resources. Instead, working only on the critical SEO tasks can let you get the best results.

So, the most important aspect of getting ready for the successful overall SEO operation is to develop a list of priorities. First, you need to focus on the budget that you have. Then you can pick the critical tasks from the to-do-list and place them on your working table. Engagement is undoubtedly important but you should also work on technical SEO to make sure that you have solid grounds before you launch for an intense marketing campaign.

Technical SEO issues

There are some critical technical SEO issues that you need to look at before you start working on your SEO strategy. There issues may be rare but they still exist.

Site speed: Site speed was not that important in the past but it is now being considered as a ranking signal. Launch of mobile friendly updates like Accelerated Mobile Pages that speed up the websites is the clear evidence of that.

Mobile performance: A website’s ability to perform on mobile devices is also the factor that we cannot ignore. There are a lot of mobile performance aspects, other than speed, of a website that you can work on to make a website mobile friendly.

Penalties by Google: Spam content, hacked site and unnatural backlink profile are the most prominent issues that would make get a manual penalty slapped by Google. If you have received the manual penalty, you need to take effective action to fix the issues. Then you can apply to Google for reconsideration of your website.

Site engagement issues

After the technical SEO aspects are taken care of, now you need to work on the engagement SEO, which is much bigger and complex domain. However, we are going to summarize this discussion by discussing major red flags that can ruin your business engagement with online audience.

Lack of conversions: the content on your website should answer the users’ queries. If it fails to do so, you will lose user engagement, and it would be bad for your SEO.

Low CTR: There is a possibility that you get reduced CTR even if your website rides on the top of Google ranks. That could be due to the competitors stealing the traffic using featured snippets. So, you can regain that traffic by preparing snippets of several pages of your website by focusing on certain keywords.

Social Engagement: Overlooking the power of social media means you are going to miss huge business opportunity. So, if you are not being shared on the social media in a satisfactory manner, it may be due to the low quality content that you are sharing. Work on the quality and you will surely be able to get the better social engagement.